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Dusty's American Dream
My name is Dusty Charern. My life dream was to be in the United States of America. What made me dream like that? When I was a young boy in Thai rural village, American used books helped me to learn English and American medical tablets helped me as well. My loyalty was built automatically. In 1960 I was at the airport for my English teacher coming to the USA. Then the drive to come to the USA was higher. It took me fourteen years to put my feet on the land. The USA is the land of love, the land of freedom, the land of opportunity, the land of best constitution, the land of equality, the land of best people and the land that lifted my life and my family.
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What's New?
The website has been updated with some new webpages "Dusty and the Princess" and tons of new photos "Dusty and Friends 2".

Dusit "Dusty" Charern