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Dusty’s Life Philosophies: 

      • Treat others with Love, Care, Peace & Happiness
      • Love People & Animals and they will love you back
      • Happy at work...Happy at Home
      • Stay away from the evils!
  • Please use "love, care, peace, happiness and success" at work and do not be a part of the problems.
  • Don’t Trouble Trouble til Trouble Trouble’s You
  • What else can we do for people? Love is the only thing to do or to learn to do. Then care, peace, happiness, success, honesty, hard work, tireless, smiles, loyalty, giving, helping, producing food, teamwork, and many positive bright things for heaven like living.
  • Be happy with praying, learning, moving forward and Keep on trucking.
  • I have learned to read, to write, to give, to take and let go of all sources of sufferings and be positive at all times.
  • We already made a model of the best entrepreneurial model by giving all members to row our boat and reward them properly. This is an inner circle. Then we have to build four systems around it.

          1) Build the best tools,

    2) Build the best process,

          3) Recruit the best people, train them, and retain them,

          4) Build our sound corporate culture with an excellent reputation.

  • We want to give what our customers what they want with a smile and tireless support.
  • Think of QR as one company and grow QR.  No matter where we grow it does not make a difference, we grow together.
  • I want to build QR to be the place that you love to come to work.  We are building the best culture for our employees and our customers.  I have not had any fear since we started the business.  I love all of our employees since the beginning.
  • Relax and let go, do not be too serious.
  • The world is turning. We are moving forward with our happiness.
  • Money is good for us. But it will not be the most important things for our life.
  • Love is the only way to live in the world. We will smile for a new day.
  • The USA has been the best nation on earth.
  • Remember, "Love is the only house that is big enough for all lives and spirits in the world".
  • Love is the only way to build heavens on earth.
  • If you take care of them they will take care of you.
    • Stay with winners and avoid losers.
    • Eliminate sources of sufferings (greedy, angry, gambling, crazy love, love with stupid reasons, envy, revenge, negative thinking).
    • Be yourself.
    • Compete with peace and moving forward.
    • Be beautiful with your salons.
  • At QR, a person has drive, finds solutions, and executes them.

      That is all it takes to be successful.

  • Life, love, live and laugh.
  • Remember the power of love, power of praying and the power of people is unlimited.
  • Be the best to learn the state of the art to be the best entrepreneur.
  • I love to learn from people successes and failures.
  • The first chapter is loving people. The second and the rest of chapter is the same as the first chapter.
  • I am down to earth and let go all sources of sufferings. But I have all my love to all. Love is the only mean to build heavens.
  • Pray for all.
  • We have been together and we will be together forever.
  • I am very glad to be able to help friends. It is difficult to make one life happy from birth to death. There are a million problems to solve.
  • The world has had problems about power. People have loved power. But power means no shit to me.
  • I always love my good friends.
  • We can not control illness and death. We will be together after 300000 years.
  • Love is the only way can build heavens. More than 90 % can not love others. They have been suffering all the time.
  • Use C3 (Cooperate, Coordinate and Communicate) concept to help our team building process.
  • Be nice and smile at each other.
  • Send my love to all good citizens.

Unconditional love from,

Your Dust.