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Dusty's American Dream


I was born in Thailand in June 24, 1944. I came from a rural area. The village offered only the fourth grade. I was lucky to finish my first degree with majoring in mathematics in 1966 and MS in statistics in 1972 from Thailand. My dream came through in 1974. I was an exchange student working for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Athens, Georgia. In four yeas I finished my PhD in statistics in 1978 while working as a computer programmer. In 1979 the Westinghouse rewarded me with an immigrant visa. In 1981 I changed my job to work in Huntsville as a computer and weapon system analyst. On August 20, 1986 I became an American. I am very proud of my citizenship. This nation has given me the best opportunity and the best life. There is no nation and its people in the world would give me this opportunity.

In 1988, I founded Quality Research in Huntsville, Alabama. It took two years to win the first contract from Guidance and Control Directorate, the US Army Command in Huntsville, Alabama. The actual life span of Quality Research was twelve years from 1990 to 2002. My experience for being an entrepreneur has given me new opportunity, but it was not my dream or desire. I have applied all knowledge in my life to my business. Starting from $2000 capital, we grew Quality Research to have revenue of 63.6 million dollars and 640 employees in 2002. We built our corporate culture from LOVE, CARE, PEACE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESSES. We recruited the best people, retained them and built our reputation together. Quality Research Culture was: Customers first, Create Value, Happy Employees and Technical Excellence. Quality motto was “Winning with Quality”. My American dream and Quality Research made us an example of an incredible success story. Our employees and our customers made it possible. We starting with a word “LOVE” then the rest will flow. Our revenue, profit and growth soared and made us the winner.