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DusTer Correspondence
Dusty and Terry (DusTer) have formed an inseperable friendship over the years since their first introduction at Quality Research. DusTer hope that you enjoy reading some of their letters that have continued to strengthen their friendship through the years.

June 2015
I cannot believe that another year has flown by and you are 71! Your report card is an A+ for happiness, health and physical modernizing! It is still a pleasure to have you home to talk to and spend time with. I will miss our margarita trips to Nashville while you’re gone and emails every day with book reports and making me smarter about people and the world...click here to continue

June 2015
Every time I read your notes, I always feel very special. Your notes are always lovely, true, short, sweet, sincere, courage, benevolence, polite, loyal, honor, and kind hearted. I am proud of you and apprecuiate your tireless love. We will learn until we leave our bodies and we will join together for ever. Click here for 2015 lessons learned for Terry forom the Dust

July 2013
As you kick off the last year in your Sixties, I hope you look back and realize what a wonderlife life your journey has been...click here to continue

December 2012
Our journey of life continues to unfold and I am so fortunate to still share it with you! I know that you love your life in Thailand and I am happy that you...click here to continue

June 2012
The years continue to come and go. Watching you continue your amazing lifelong journey even throughout your 60’s has set a great example for us all. click here to continue

December 2011
The years continue to roll on by Dust and we get older and hopefully wiser. click here to continue

June 2011
Today I celebrate the gift of my Dust to the world. 67 has been good to you, and you should Basque in the beauty of a wonderful life that you have been blessed with. click here to continue

February 2012
Dusty Charern was born a poor but wise young man in Thailand. He was fortunate to be born with a strong brain but his real luck was that he was born with a unique and loving heart. click here to continue

June 2010
I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy. I wanted to be the first one this June 24th to wish you the best year yet & a happy birthday! My Dusty often asks the question ~ What a life? click here to continue

January 2010
I was ecstatic to hear that Dusty is finally writing a book. I could write my own book about all the memories, good times and life lessons from Dusty but I will summarize this “short and sweet” as he puts it. click here to continue

December 2008
I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009.  As I reflect back upon the year I wanted to make sure that you know what an important part of my life that you are.   I know that you already know this but I feel so blessed to have you in my world.  All the things that you have taught me changed my life for the better. click here to continue