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Taylor Wascavage


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My entire life I have loved science. From Biology to Chemistry to Environmental Science, I have always found that I have a special interest in the field and areas of science. In fifth grade, my teacher asked us to set four dates throughout that school year that we would do four science projects in front of the whole class. As soon as she gave us the requirements I immediately started planning. I had so much fun coming up with the projects and presenting it to everyone that I decided a job involving science was definitely for me. Ever since then I have spent my life trying to decide what I would do with science.

This past summer I worked at a veterinary office near my home. I got the job because my family has gone to the same vet for years and we have become great friends with him. My job ranged from helping with surgeries to taking care of all the animals in the kennel. I enjoyed it so much that I made the decision that I wanted to be a vet. It was a great experience and I felt like it really prepared me for the things I might see when I do become one. I know this is the job for me because it involves my two favorite things: science and animals.

UAH will help me fulfill my dream of becoming a veterinarian by providing a softball scholarship to me, making my dream possible. I plan on pursuing a major in Biology. I am currently taking AP Biology with labs during the first semester of my senior year now and I feel like it is definitely preparing me for the road ahead. I plan on graduating after four years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and then taking that with me to vet school at Auburn University. I also plan on minoring in Business. I want to minor in this because when I do become a vet, I want to be able to run my own clinic and not have to find a job working under someone else.