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Taparit "Kennedy" Saetang


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I am currently studying at Auburn University. Last semester I was able to achieve thing things that I never thought possible. I am able to take initiative as a participant or leader of a group and identify the needs of others in the group. Perform assigned tasks within a group setting and contribute to group discussions. I also understand the rules of English and can write an argument essay.

My dream in the short run is study abroad for a year to immerse myself in another culture so that I can deepen my personal and academic understanding of business. After study abroad, my options would include working for a nonprofit organization. I hope to work for a while and continue to my studyies and obtain an MBA. My long goal is to become to become an investor and travel around to various foreign countries.

Update: May 2011

Thanks you for being there to support me through my education years. My family and I have been blessed to have you help from advising and financing. Thanks you again for all of the help and support. I could not have done this without friends and family supporting.


Kennedy Saetang

Congratulations on receiving your B.S. Kennedy! Here are a couple of pictues from his big day. Graduation Picture 1 and Picture 2.