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At 16 years old, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to Co-op with Quality Research, a Defense Contractor known throughout the industry as an "employer of choice". This provided me with the opportunity to work for Dusty Charern, the founder and CEO. Through this experience I developed an enthusiasm for Computer Science which later played a role in my obtaining a B.S. from the University of Tennessee within this discipline. I am currently obtaining my MBA and will be graduating in May 2009.

Dusty has been a true inspiration to me by providing continued support and professional mentoring over the past 10 years. The ability to work for a company like Quality Research helped build the foundation needed to ignite my entrepreneurial spirit. Dusty's support of my professional development has continued through the Dusit Foundation, which helps in providing for my participation in my MBA program. Dusty was a true advocate of me obtaining my MBA.

I will be forever grateful for the friendship and professional mentoring that Dusty has provided in my education and career- even as it continues to evolve. I hope to one day give back to the foundation so that it may continue to benefit others who seek opportunities to better their lives. Thanks to Dusty and the Dusit Foundation for all of the support provided to young individuals throughout the world. Dusty is a true testament to those individuals who care more for others than themselves. Many thanks to my friend and mentor ~ Dr. Dusit (Dusty) Charern.

Congratulations on receiving your M.B.A. Marcy! Click HERE to view pictures from her graduation ceremony.