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I was a recipient of Dusty's support through the Dusty Scholarship at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I received financial aid from the Dusit Foundation from the Fall 2010 semester to Fall 2011 semester.

Dusty's support supplemented my academic scholarships which allowed me to receive tuition at no cost to me. I was able to concentrate solely on my studies in biological sciences without the need to seek part time employment. Dusty's generous support allowed me to graduate this past fall will a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, Magna Cum Laude.

I am employed full time as a lab technician for a metallurgical company that specializes in the manufacturing of Tungsten powders. I am currently pursuing a contract to become a Marine Corps aviation officer.

I eventually plan to apply my degree in Biology toward a career as a doctor of optometry. Military life is adventurous and fast-paced as a young person, but I desire to settle down and work toward being an Optometrist in a private practice.

I wish Dusty was around more to personally express my appreciation for his generous support. Thank you Dr. Dusit (Dusty) Charern!

Congratulations on receiving your B.S. Thomas!