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Thanks to the Dusty foundation I received full tuition for Summer and Fall of 2010 to help me complete my Masters of Science in Nursing.

I was able to fully fund my tuition and only work one full time job without having to work two full time jobs while attending school full time with two small children at home. I was able to be a mother, full time RN, and full time student at once.

Continue work as a Nurse Practitioner and I hope to concurrently work towards my DNP soon at a either UAH or another University.

My short term goals are to attain expertise as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and obtain a Doctoral of Nursing Degree. I hope to become a professor upon completing my work as clinical nurse practitioner. Ultimately I hope to retire and do volunteer work in Thailand.

I wish the foundation was open to post masters studies so that I may complete my Doctoral Degree in Nursing via scholarship. It was a great opportunity, I wish it was available sooner; however, I am thankful for receiving it in the first place! Thank you Dr. Dusit (Dusty) Charern!

Congratulations on receiving your M.S. Linda please try your Ph.D.

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